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Hot Oil Test Chamber

Hot Oil Test Chamber






Specimen Basket Size

150×300×320mm WHD

Maximum Test Board

200×290mm WL

High-Temperature Slot Size

330×455×330mm WHD

Low-Temperature Slot Size

330×450×330mm WHD

Machine Size

1430×2000×1200mm WHD


About 450 kg


Test Environmental Conditions

Environment temperature is +25 and relative humidity85%rh;

Under the condition of no specimen in test cabinet.

Testing Methods

GB/T4677-2002 9.2.1 IPC-TM-650 2.4.6 etc.

Temperature Range

High-temperature bucket: RT ~ +280

(The dedicated #316 texture is adopted for electrical heated tube)

Low-temperature bucket: RT ~ +20 (Adopting constant temperature of compressor system)

Temperature Fluctuation

High-temperature slot: When tested object is immerse into the slot,

the temperature fluctuation presents -5.0.

Low-temperature slot: When tested object is immerse into the slot,

the temperature fluctuation presents +5.0.

Temperature Uniformity

High-temperature slot: ±5.0

Low-temperature slot: ±5.0

Temperature Departure


Temperature Resolution


Satisfying Test Standard

GB/T4677-2002 9.2.1

IPC-TM-650 2.4.6 and other standards

Structural Feature

Heat Retaining Maintenance Structure

Out-wall material: Special steel plate + Powder stoving varnish (1.2mm thick)

In-wall material: Dedicated SUS304 stainless steel plate

Thermal insulation material of high-temperature bucket: High-density nanometer resin cotton

High-Temperature Slot Heater

Customized import nickel-chromium heater strip

Control mode of heater: Contactless recurrent pulse for width adjustment, SSR(Solid-state relay)

Trundle And Standing Leg

4 sets


Double fully-transparent tempered glass door with automatic spring cotter matched

Door Lock

High-end galvanized lock with key rotation

Control Panel

Controller display screen, over-temperature protection setting device,

illuminating lamp switch, power light, paperless recorder

Testing Hole

50mm diameter located at the left of chamber

Pneumatic Device For Specimen Basket

Step-by-step moving entrance module to keep specimen basket moving smoothly

and put it into oil slot accurately

Left-right displacement time can be adjusted: 10~60 sec

Up-down displacement time can be adjusted: 5~60 sec

Immersing standing time can be adjusted: 0 ~ 999 s

Testing number of cycle: 0 ~ 9999 cycles

Oil Storage Bucket

Set in the right of maching. In the testing machine, when the oil in high-temperature and low-temperature oil slot exceeds standard liquid level, the redundant oil will be returned to oil storage bucket; when the liquid level of oil slot comes below standard liquid level, the oil slot automatically by circulating motor, to quarantee the normal operation of test.

Circulating Motor

Donly Motor

Refrigerating System

Cooling Mode

Mechanical compressors with dual-stages


Tecumseh brand

Solenoid Valve


Oil-Gas Separator


Expansion Valve


Refrigerant Oil

R404A, R23


Water-cooled type


Tubular heat exchanger

Control System


Fuji controller

Screen Size

7.0 inch color



Protection System

Over-temperature protection for cold drum

Over-temperature protection for hot drum

The second-phase over temperature protection switch for cold drum

The second-phase over temperature protection switch for cold drum

Overload protection for the mixer motor

Overload protection for the exhaust motor

Overload protection for the compressor

Pressure protection switch for the compressor

Protection switch for phase sequence

No-fuse switch

Power circuit protector (FUSE)

Controller circuit protector (FUSE)

Smoke alarm protection

Environmental Conditions


+5 ~ +30

Relative Humidity


Air Pressure

86kPa ~ 106kPa

Water Temperature

+5 ~ +30

Power Supply

Power Supply

AC380V, 50Hz, 3-ph


16 kW

Max Current


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